2011 Tour de France

Ian working out on the speedball (7kb) Team photo for the FitnessFirst-KWPT 'Around the Bay in a Day' event (32kb) Group ride training on the Carnegie Velodrome (53kb)
Carey supervising hamstring stretching with David & Hilary (60kb) David and Carey stretching the quads (76kb) Carey keeping count on David and Hilary's push-up routine (75kb)
David stretching this upper-abs (51kb) Neil completing his gluteal stretch (55kb) Hilary spinning some laps on the track (60kb)
Members of the 2002 winter sessions   (25kb) Norman pushing his mtb to the limit on the Carnegie Velodrome (42kb) Norman leads out a 'Around the Bay in a Day' training session  (22kb)
Neil's interval lap (37kb) Andrew completing squats at a weights training session (7kb) Andrew on the incline bench at a weights training session (10kb)
Ian stretching out with Carey's assistance  (9kb) Carey handing out instructions a group training session  (28kb) Kathy swapping turns at the front with Anne at a group training session  (35kb)
Kathleen all ready for the 2003 Great Tasmanian bike ride (53kb) KWPT Junior Development Program - Kathy supervising an indoor wind training session  (53kb) KWPT Junior Development Program - indoor wind training session. (66kb)
KWPT Junior Development Program - includes competing on the indoor wind trainers (37kb) Kathy gives some advice  (55kb) Kathy and Andrew with some of the boys  (57kb)
KWPT Junior Development Program - Indoor sessions (60kb) Kathy and Andrew ready to help and pass on some knowledge  (66kb) The boys have just been outdone! (56kb)
Pushing as hard as you can go! (51kb) Stretching before the indoor wind training session begins (60kb) More stretches before the indoor wind training session begins (56kb)
KWPT Junior Development Program - warming up (58kb) Kathy ensures that everyone enjoys themselves (61kb) We have a winner! (54kb)

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